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Laura E. Case et al.: Safety and efficacy of alternative alglucosidase alfa regimens in Pompe disease
J. C. van der Meijden et al.: Ten years of the international Pompe survey: patient reported outcomes as a reliable tool for studying treated and untreated children and adults with non-classic Pompe disease
Carla G van El et al.: Newborn screening for pompe disease? a qualitative study exploring professional views
S. Grace Prakalapakorn et al.: Ocular and Histologic Findings in a Series of Children With Infantile Pompe Disease Treated With Enzyme Replacement Therapy
Nesrin Karabul et al.: Urge Incontinence and Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Adult Patients with Pompe Disease: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Marein M. Favejee et al.: Exercise training in adults with Pompe disease: the effects on pain, fatigue, and functioning
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