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The IPA would like to thank everyone who participated in the Second Annual International Pompe Day Art Contest!

All of the submissions were wonderful, and captured the strength and diversity and perseverance of our community. Together we truly are strong!

The IPA is very excited to announce the winners in each category:

Age 0-5

Jelle Roskam (First place)

My aunt drives a wheelchair with interesting lights on her joy-stick. Sometimes I can sit on her lap and drive along. Together in a wheelchair is fun!

Age 6-10

Kasper Roskam (First place)

Boy helps his aunt and shows how “Together We Are Strong.”


Age 11-18

Neha Ray (First place)

My artwork depicts the journey towards peace. The tune of flute represents the song of peace which influence us (i.e. boatman and passengers) to become calm and quite in the stormy weather. The peace of the world depends on our racial, social and religious harmony. Terrorism or any social or religious conflict (in the picture, represented by the stormy tides) can destroy our peace if our mutual understanding/bonding is weak. So we should join hands and work together for the progress and the tranquility of the world.


Age 18+

Karen Kacures (First place)

When I think of the theme "Together We Are Strong", so many words come into my mind. My mixed media painting is representative of many of the words and feelings that I think of when I think of our strong Pompe community. I used different shades of blue to add emphasis to the words that I think are most important to our community. These words by themselves have strength in their meaning but when I grouped them together and incased them into a heart form, they grew in their strength and deepened their meanings. As in our Pompe community.....Together We Are Strong!


Lucy Golder (Second place)

From a tree with lots of branches and twigs, we get a diagnosis and then we know what we are dealing with. Trees are strong and can grow afresh. My piece was inspired by the 2014 entry of the little girl swinging on the branch, and the help I got when waiting for the diagnosis. Pompe patients need muscle hence the arm, which I have taken from the 2014 entry. The golden fruit can be seen as myozyme, or money, or a gold pompon, or a new beginning with a heart of gold in the middle as all our loved ones have hearts of gold! The repeteating slogan on the tree is obvious - I hope - Together we are strong!


The IPA is also pleased to announce that we are able to provide prizes to the winners thanks to the support of our industry partners! The prizes are as follows:

First place=$200
Second place=$100

Thank you again to everyone for their submission!

The IPA Board