Thank you, Ria, for your restless work for the IPA!

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August 8, 2020

Retirement ceremony of Ria BroekgaardenRia Broekgaarden who is one of the founders of the IPA (in 1999) retired from her job with the Dutch Neuromuscular Association (SN) after working there for over 30 years.

Postponed because of the corona crisis a Zoom Meeting was organized by the Dutch Neuromuscular Association on Friday the June 26th to say goodbye to her. Around 100 people, members of SN, members of the IPA and members of other neuromuscular associations were present.

She was praised for her tireless efforts on behalf of all people with neuromuscular disorders but in particular the IPA where she stood on barricades for the development of therapy.

She was addressed by amongst others Dr. Ans van der Ploeg from the Erasmus MC who referred to everything Ria had done for the Pompe Community as a whole, the Erasmus Pompe Survey, the supply shortage, reimbursement and many other occasions. Wilma Treur (IPA secretary) referred to the many trips they made for the IPA and the Pompe community as a whole to advocate for the interest of Pompe patients worldwide.

At the end of the session the mayor of Baarn (home to SN) arrived and presented Ria with royal accreditation: she received a ribbon and became Officer in the Order of Oranje Nassau the Dutch Royal House.

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