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2021: Pompe Around the World

International Pompe Day

April 15, 2021 will be our 8th Annual International Pompe Day!

The IPA believes that raising awareness of Pompe Disease is key, and this year’s theme has been selected as “Pompe Around the World.”

How You can Participate:

  1. Our goal with Pompe Around the World is to show what it is like to live, cope, or how you are connected with Pompe all over the world — that no matter where we live we are all connected. Please take a picture that represents where you live and share a short statement about your life.
  2. Send an email to ipd2021@worldpompe.org
  • the subject of your email will be the title of your post;
  • the body of the email will be the post itself, where you can share your short statement;
  • to include your photo in your post, you can simply attach the image to your email (total size max. 10 MB).
  • Please include your name, country and age in the email, so we can show the world how strong our Community is.

By submitting a contribution, you agree that it is published on our 2021 International Pompe Day blog: ipompeday.blogspot.com

The Blog will go live on International Pompe Day—April 15, 2021. However, we will post a list of submissions, which will be periodically updated, so that you can see if your submission has been received.

Thank you!