For female wheelchair users: a device to urinate normally without transfer

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April 7, 2011

Shipping to Dutch residents only => article unpublished

For female wheelchair users, who can no longer stand, having to urinate can be a complicated business. These ladies are often dependent on the help of another person and the whole exercise of having to transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet can be embarrassing, awkward and very tiring. Often, the wheelchair user will try and control the situation by limiting the fluid intake to reduce the times she may have to toilet, sometimes with (medically) detrimental effects. Away from home, necessary help, or even a suitable toilet, is not always available, making the whole toileting exercise very difficult and often impossible. This makes going out a very unpleasant and stressful experience, and wheelchair users will make the decision to just stay at home, rather than leave their home environment and having to deal with, what seems, an unsolvable problem. These ladies then lose much of their social interaction and become housebound.

CushionTo overcome this problem a Dutch woman with a neuromuscular disease and B&S have developed the Invention Cushion. This cushion has an interesting interior. The seat has an individual left and right side which can be inflated electrically or manually by the user. As the cushion inflates, the user is lifted and a channel is created between the right and left side of the cushion. A urine receptacle (included) then slides into the channelled space, ready for use. Skirt or pants (after a slight modification) can be kept on while using.

With this cushion the user need have no fear and can use a normal toilet, the user can drink healthy amounts of liquids and can experience a strong feeling of freedom and independence.

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