Zack’s 100th Infusion Celebration

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June 1, 2011

By Sabrina Low-DuMond

Zack's 100th infusionZack DuMond (15) celebrated his 100th enzyme replacement therapy infusion on 5/25/11 at CHOC’s Pediatric Outpatient Infusion center in grand style.  Genzyme & the family hosted a luncheon for the entire center including the nurses, administrative staff, Doctors and other patients.  The celebration included delicious catered sandwiches, salads, chips and a basket of assorted desserts.  Banners were hung and gifts (including FIGHT POMPE! bracelets)  were given to the nurses for 3 years of devoted and supportive service to the DuMond Family.

Zack was diagnosed in January of 2007 at UCI and began receiving treatment in May of that same year.  Myozyme appears to be stabilizing Zack’s condition.  He is followed by many specialists including Dr. Slonim from NY who has Zack on a very structured regimen for both diet and exercise.  Across the board in areas such as the 6 minute walk test, pulmonary function, OT, PT, cardio and sleep studies, Zack’s results have remained flat or improved.  Zack is a Sophomore in the Med/Sci program at the public high school in South Orange County.  He loves X-box live, Sushi, Karate, going to the movies and hanging out with friends.

We are so grateful to have an effective treatment for Zack’s rare disease and continue to live in hope with optimism and encouragement for new technologies and treatments in the future.

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