Arnold Reuser decorated

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August 30, 2012

Arnold ReuserDr. Arnold Reuser was today decorated as a Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion by decree of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

The ceremony “Passion for Pompe” in Rotterdam was attended by friends and family, academic colleagues and representatives of industry and patient organisations worldwide.

Photo: Thomas Schaller

Arnold Reuser is a merited scientist and highly esteemed supporter of the Pompe patient community.

He received his PhD in biochemistry / cell biology in 1977 from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At present, he is head of the lysosomal study group, teacher in cell biology and histology courses, and lecturer in Microscopic Anatomy.
[Source: Erasmus MC]

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Inside the Church The Decoration

The decoration was done by Alexandra van Huffelen, Deputy Mayor of Rotterdam. Photos: Ruud M. Koppenol.

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