Second Pompe Awareness Day in India

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June 5, 2013

At June 1st 2013, the second Pompe Awareness Day in India was observed in Bangelore. The day has been organised by LSD Support Society. Three parents whose children are affected by Pompe Disease attended the meeting, together with members suffering from other lysosomal storage disorders. At the press conference Dr. Meenakshi Bhat addressed the 20 people of media that attended the press conference. The attempt to raise awareness on Pompe Disease succeeded as Pompe Disease was covered in all leading daily newspapers. Additionally a full page article on Pompe Disease was published in a leading local newspaper. This was the first time that Pompe Disease got a full page coverage in India. The other success was that a 10 minutes story on Pompe Disease was broadcasted by TV Channel and repeated 3 times that day.

pompe day india 1-6-2013

Pompe Disease Awareness Day in India with some of the participants on stage


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