Poland: The Opening of the Pompe Garden, a garden with rare plants representing Pompe Disease

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May 1, 2015

International Pompe Day has been celebrated in Poland for the second time. This year the Pompe Garden was opened at the campus of the Medical University of Warsaw Ochota.

The Pompe Garden has been created with rare plants to raise awareness on Pompe Disease. With the Pompe Garden the Rare Disease Organisation in Poland hopes to raise awareness on Pompe Disease and to break the social isolation of many people with Pompe Disease. The Chairman of the Pompe Association and initiator of this project, Maciej Ptasinski said: I belief this Garden will become a place to meet, to talk and to discuss issues.

The Pompe Garden hasn't been finalised yet. The initiators want this Garden to become a joint ongoing project from patients and citizens of Warsaw.

Pompe Disease is one of over 6,000 known rare diseases and the only disease in the group of neuromuscular diseases that can be treated. It is caused by a lack of the enzyme alpha glucosidase that normally breaks down glycogen in the muscles. The accumulation of glycogen in Pompe Disease causes a progressive muscle weakness in respiratory and skeletal muscles.

Please watch the video of the Opening of the Pompe Garden

The Opening of the Pompe Garden at Warsaw Medical University

The Rector of the Warsaw Medical University participates in the Opening

The planting of rare plants representing Pompe Disease

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