Obituary to Henri Termeer

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May 16, 2017

Henri TermeerThe IPA Board was extremely saddened to learn of the unexpected passing of Henri Termeer, former CEO of Genzyme. Every tribute to Henri has mentioned the patient-centered focus he instilled and fostered within Genzyme. From personal experience, the IPA fully agrees with this characterization. The Pompe community has been extremely fortunate to have had Genzyme and Henri Termeer as partners in developing a treatment for Pompe. In the Pompe Community we have a true partnership between the three stakeholders: the Medical/Scientific Community, Industry, and the Patient Community. This partnership is only possible when all parties respect and value each other. The IPA believes that Henri Termeer was instrumental in setting the tone for Industry partners to engage with, and learn from their counter-parts in the Patient Community. He will be greatly missed.

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