Moving On With Pompe!

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April 15, 2019

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April 15, 2019

Today is our 6th International Pompe Day!

The goal of International Pompe Day is to foster international awareness of Pompe Disease and the slogan for our day is Together We Are Strong.

The IPA believes that raising awareness about Pompe Disease is key, and for 2019 the theme that has been selected is Moving On with Pompe: an encouraging and positive theme to show how it is possible to continue living a fulfilling life after diagnosis and despite the challenges of living with Pompe disease, in the hope of inspiring others.

Inspiring stories from our international community have been collected in a dedicated blog that the IPA has specifically created:

Please read and share these stories, so we can inspire others and show the world how strong our Community is!

Thanks to all that have contributed with their story, and happy International Pompe Day!

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