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November 2, 2003

Pompe Conference Heidelberg 2003 on DVD

We are proud to be able to report that thanks to Mr T Schaller and his team the conference proceedings of the IPA conference 2004 in Heidelberg, Germany, are now available on DVD. You can order this DVD (the proceedings consist of 4 DVD’s in 2 boxes) through the IPA secretariat; the price is € 30. After you transfer the money to the under-mentioned account, the DVD will be sent to you. Please mention on your transfer of money if you need a PAL or NTSC version of the DVDs. (Another method of payment is through the paypal system. For more information, please click here.)

The professionally made DVD’s give you very good inside information about research and the state of the art. For patients it is very interesting to see the video from Tiffany who has received treatment for 5 years now. On the PowerPoint presentation given by Mr Wijnen you can see what happens with a baby and its family participating in the first ERT trial and in the following period.

The information is useful not only to patients but also to the specialists involved in the care of Pompe (AMD) patients.

IPA bank details

Rabobank, the Netherlands
Rabobank Account: International Pompe Association,
Account Number 30 47 66 364

For International transfers you will need the following details

IBAN number NL77 RABO 0304 7663 64 (International Bank Account Number)
BIC code RABO NL 2 U (Bank Identification Code)

AGSD (UK)/IPA Conference and IPA AGM

Last but not least we would like to invite all IPA members to the next IPA conferenceand AGM. This conference will be held in Birmingham UK on Sunday October 10th, following on from the AGSD (UK) conference on Saturday October 9th. For more information you can check the AGSD (UK) website: http://www.agsd.org.uk and this IPA site, which is updated regularly by Tiffany House (IPA).

On behalf of the IPA board,
Ria Broekgaarden

International Pompe Association
Lt. Generaal van Heutszlaan 6
tel. 00-31-35-5480475
fax 00-31-35-5480499
email ipa@vsn.nl

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