Always warm feet with heated socks

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April 19, 2011

Many of us know the problem, cold feet… and not just cold feet, but the one that colours your feet blue/purple. Especially wheelchair users are affected as they don’t move a lot and their blood circulation kind of stagnates, so the warmth will not arrive in their feet.

Heated SocksFor me the problem became more and more problematic and I asked around to find a solution for this problem. This is how I found the heated socks, a product that has been developed to serve motor cyclists too keep their feet warm in the Winter and fishermen to keep their feet warm while standing in cold water for a long time.

The heated socks can be run on a battery pack, but because I am using an electrical wheelchair an adapter to my wheelchair could easily be created. This allows me to feed my heated socks permanently with the power of my wheelchair batteries. This must be done by an technical expert, so no damage is done to the wheelchair or mistakes are made with the wires.

I am very happy with this invention and it made my life much more comfortable and warm. No more blue/purple feet!

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  • Heated Socks (external weblink to a page with more information on heated socks)

Please note that in some countries the heated socks are being improved with a new wiring. To see if they still sell the heated socks I recommend you to contact the dealer in your country. Otherwise I recommend you to buy the heated socks online in the USA.

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