Maryze Schoneveld van der Linde
Category: Testimonials
December 8, 2011

altI was born on August the 30th 1970. I had feeding problems from the beginning. I wasn’t able to drink from her breast…I just sucked for a minute and fell back to sleep again. This continued for a few days in which my mother was only busy trying to feed me. The nurses of the hospital said that I was just a lazy baby and left my mother alone with my feeding problems. At home again, my mother decided to start bottle feeding in the hope that this would work better. Unfortunately this didn’t work either. My mother became so desperate that she decided to take a pair of scissors to cut a larger hole in the rubber teat of the bottle. This worked…Finally I was able to drink the amounts of milk I needed. Later we understood why I couldn’t drink…drinking was just taking too much energy, so I was tired easily and needed my sleep again even when I was still hungry. I wasn’t a lazy baby at all, on the contrary I had struggled to drink enough, but I simply couldn’t.

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