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Mother of Wei Ling
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January 4, 2012

This is the finest moment to share to all the people around the world that pompe disease is a treatable rare disorder. After 6 years of ERT, my daughter Wei Ling and Yen Ling are both now standard 2 and 6 at San Min School in normal class.

Today is the first day of their schooling, feel bad unable to spare time with them, but in my heart I have so many things to share with all my friends that they are now doing so well and with that I really thank to Malaysian Government for providing hope for all the children inflicted with Lysosomal Storage Diseases.

About 2 months ago Business FM radio(BFM) interviewed Malaysia Lysosomal Disease Association and it took me about a month to compile with photos and videos, and it show how bad the condition for Wei Ling and how she had recovered after the Enzyme Replacement Therapy.

Destiny is subjected to change with good wills and efforts. There’s nothing wrong for falling ill, the most important is to stand up, fight against it and ride through the wave.

Never Give Up, Never Ever Give Up!

If you think you can, YOU CAN!

Mother of Wei Ling, Malaysia

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