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2015 Fundraiser Gallery

Photos showing “Together We Are Strong”

Marsha Reller Zimmerman and Zakary Zimmerman (USA)
“Dancing around and then paused”

Genzyme Pause for Pompe (Genzyme Corp., Cambridge MA, USA)
“Genzyme pausing for Pompe in the Genzyme Center Lobby”

2015 Audentes Paws for Pompe (Audentes Theraputics, San Francisco CA, USA)
“Under your suggestion of taking a silly pose picture we did ‘Paws for Pompe’.”



Allan Muir


Tiffany House – Pause for Pompe at the Alamo


Brandon K. Mancine


Billy Calzada


Marsha Reller Zimmerman


Wilma Treur


Mikayla B.


Genzyme’s Pause for Pompe

“Genzyme Corp.: Representatives from Genzyme Paused for Pompe on International Pompe Day.”


Andrea House Faris

“In honor of pompe disease and the Pause for Pompe, this is my 40 second pause to represent the 1 in 40,000 people living with pompe disease.”


Tiffany House

“I Paused for POMPE. Let’s see your PAUSE!”