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2016 International Pompe Day Art Contest: Results

International Pompe Day

The IPA would like to thank everyone who participated in the Third Annual International Pompe Day Art Contest! The participation level this year was the highest yet!

All of the judges expressed how much they enjoyed seeing everyone’s unique interpretation of “Together We Are Strong.”

The IPA is very excited to announce the winners in each category:

Age 6-10

Chloe Mah (First place)

Chloe Mah
Finger painting by Chloe using many colors with each representing different stakeholders coming together to support people with Pompe disease.

Abdullah Hashim Amerat (Second place)

Abdullah Hashim Amerat
When we are together we can take off and do super things!

Jesse Walker (Third place)

Jesse Walker
My piece shows together we are strong because of the way the letters are drawn together to support each other to show Together We Are Strong. Even when one of us falls out of place, we still pick them up and help them fit in and stay strong.

Age 0-5

Abdurrahman Amerat (First place)

Abdurrahman Amerat
Trees are strong and together.

Age 11-18

Nidhi Shirol (First place)

Nidhi Shirol
The Wheelchair represents the Pompe patient while balloons represent: 1) Our colorful dreams and aspiration and 2) Different countries. Many balloons together are more beautiful & stronger than individual. One day our colorful dreams and aspiration will fly high like these balloons. Unity is strength. Together if they are stronger so we are.

Ayesha Amerat (Second place)

Ayesha Amerat
It shows that we are always there for each other, like chains supporting each other.

Age 18+

Rebecca Brooks (First place)

Rebecca Brooks
My hope is to convey the beauty, strength, and support of the Pompe community in the form of a blossoming thriving tree. The blossoms of many colors and sizes speak of the varying ages of onset-and the wide world family we represent. The gossamer thread of light connecting us all is the hope of continued awareness, and a brighter future where everyone affected regardless of their country of origin has the right to treatment.

Elisabetta Conti (Second place)

With the help of our family and friends we can FLY! Together We Are Strong!

Saam Amerat (Third place)

Saam Amerat
With the help of our family and friends we can FLY! Together We Are Strong!

Honorable mentions

Giuseppina Ducatelli

Giuseppina Ducatelli\
Butterflies must fight their way out of the cocoon, but It is only through this struggle that they gain the strength to move their wings and fly. Alone we are rare, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG. P.S.: this is handcrafted by me using the needle tatting technique.

Lucy Golder

Lucy Golder
I have used pieces of DNA & chromosomes to make most of the letters, but added “We are” by hand to show the human being side of us. I have used mostly the colors of the logo “Together We are Strong “as found on the new awareness ribbon. The letter “O” is made with babies is to emphasize the importance of newborn screening. The word strong, the letters are meant to look bolder - indicating strength!

The prizes are as follows:

First place=$100
Second place=$50
Third place=$25

The IPA would also like to extend a special thank you to our Judges:

  • Dr. Benedikt Schoser
  • Dr. Nina Raben with Dr. Jeong-A Lim
  • Wilma Treur
  • Marsha Zimmerman

The IPA Board