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On our first annual International Pompe Day, the IPA would like to thank everyone who participated in the first annual International Pompe Day Art Contest!

All of the submissions were wonderful, and captured the strength and diversity and perseverance of our community. Together we truly are strong!

The IPA is very excited to announce the winners in each category:

Age 0-4

Juan du Plessis (First place)

art 1396274865 Juan du Plessis 1
Juan's class made this for him.
His hands are the ears.
They all wrote their names next to their hands.
Together We Are Strong... Like a Lion!


Townes Craft (Second place)

  art 1396117806 Townes Craft


Age 11-18

Morgan Burroughs (First place)

Morgan Burroughs 

Age over 18

Karen Kacures (First place)

art 1393991915 Karen Kacures 1


Rebecca Brooks (Second place)

art P1100922 Rebecca Brooks


Erin Gosselin (Third place)

art 1396321906 Erin Gosselin page 1

Click on the image to download the complete essay as a PDF file.


The IPA is also pleased to announce that we are able to provide prizes to the winners thanks to the support of our industry partners! The prizes are as follows:

First place=$200
Second place=$100
Third place=$50

Thank you again to everyone for their submission!

The IPA Board